Friday, September 22, 2017


Yesterday morning on my way out for chores,
I noticed that there was a young guinea outside the brooder house and attached yard.
To my knowledge, none of my guinea youngsters had escaped...
but yet, here he was... outside!!
(See grey shadow upper left side of photo)

He was running alongside the wire walls of the chicken yard...
obviously wanting to join the rest of his family.

These youngsters have become very adept flyers.
And as far as I can tell, this one must have flown up to one of the round
ventilation holes in the brooder house and hopped outside.

I suspect once he landed on the ground, he might have reconsidered this move.
"Now, what do I do?  It's kind of scary out here all alone!"

With a little help from Hubbs...
we surrounded the little guinea and caught him with a net...
and safely returned him to his family.

All's well that ends well!

By the time I reached the barn, the horses were getting a little impatient...
wanting to get out to the front pasture to graze.

With our world as buggy as it is right now (inundated with gnats)...
we had to put fly masks on first.

Apparently I was not moving fast enough for this little guy,
and he gave me a nip in the butt to hurry me along!

Can you believe it?
Red!  Of all the horses, I didn't think Red would nip me.
He's usually such a gentleman.

It seems that Red throws manners out the door when he's "hangry"!

Happy Fall Y'all!
This weekend we are holding our first annual Apple Harvest Festival...
and getting the family together to make apple cider.
We'll be picking and chopping and pressing...
and sharing summer's last picnic!

We'll be back here on Monday to share it all with you.

Thursday, September 21, 2017


Superficially, there would seem to be a lot of "sameness" to each of our days
here on the farm.
I find the repetitive rhythm of farm life to be comforting.
I find that so much of what I love to share with you ends up being
a bit repetitive as well...
and I hope you don't mind.

A repetitive rhythm is never boring...
if you take the time to notice the tiny, amazing things that happen all around you.
When you quiet your thoughts and simply enjoy the moment...
you notice little things...
things that might have gone un-noticed.

So much of life is hustle-bustle...
and the little day to day miracles often get lost in the shuffle.
Perhaps that is one reason why there is so much unhappiness... 
perhaps we have lost our focus.

As for my temporary focus...
a bit of it was on this particular run-in shed...

and after...

Are you tired of seeing our painting projects yet?
Well, have no fear... we only have 5 more buildings left to paint!

Of course, the pigs were close by as I worked!

Amazingly, my nosey horses stayed away while I worked...

too tired to bother!

We added the finishing touch to the barn last evening...
every barn needs a star!

I have been noticing lately that one of the runner ducks is much cleaner than the other two.
Yes, we have one clean Nellie and two dirty Nellies!
It seems... that one of the girls is obsessed with bathing.
She hops in their little wading pool several times daily and gives herself a good dunking.

You see what I mean?
There are so many little things to notice around here!

In spite of all the work that we have been doing lately...
I still have found time in the evenings to knit.
Earlier sunsets have a way of gifting one more free time!

I just finished this wrap...
it is the lavender silk with a silver thread through it.

And I started this wrap...
grey to teal gradient yarn... with teal beads knitted into two sides.

All work and no play makes for a dull girl...
no worries... I always make time for a little play!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Painting Helpers

It seems that no matter what job we have to accomplish...
we always have plenty of volunteers to keep us company.

Yesterday we painted the donkey house and the turkey house.

As we worked, the pigs stayed close by in a cool corner of the pasture.

They grunted their greetings at us every few minutes.

I took a brief break from painting to climb the fence and sit in the grass
with Ginger and MaryAnn.
I love these girls!

Meanwhile, the donkeys were spending their day with the horses...

in the horses' dry lot.

Daphne and Chloe are way too curious to have in the same yard where we are painting.
I am sure they would not leave us alone
and would end up with paint all over their coats.

A few hours of painting...
and things are looking pretty spiffy!
Today we are tackling the run-in shed/pig house and the duck house by the pond.

When I finished painting, I took a moment to stop by the garden.

The sunflower heads are drying on the garden fence.
They will serve as bird food when it gets colder.

The sweet peppers needed picking...

Everything is still so beautiful...

not dry and burnt out like things normally are at summer's end.
We had plentiful rainfall all summer, making this the greenest autumn ever!

I planted fall broccoli this year... it's getting bigger and bigger.

I pulled a couple of carrots and headed over to call the pigs in from the pasture.

All that running must have made Ginger a little hot...
she headed right for their swimming pool,

and cooled off!

It won't be long until swimming season is over for the year.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Midges, Figs, and Guinea Adventures

Yesterday... finally, after weeks of trying... Chloe acquiesced...
and agreed to wear her fly mask!

Daphne is the sensible one.
She believes in sensible shoes and fly masks.
She's rebellious.  
It's stillettos and no fly masks for her.

I am afraid that no one will be showing their handsome faces in the near future.

We have been inundated this past week with midges.
(you might know them as gnats, or no-see-ems)
Whatever you choose to call them...
they are annoying as heck to both man and beast.

I believe that Chloe has finally realized that the only way to keep midges out of
one's ears is to give in to the fly mask... at least for now.

We are having a week of hot weather,
so I am afraid that the tiny pests are here to stay... at least until cold weather.
I am currently looking for a fly mask that will fit me perfectly!!

Several years ago I planted two figs.

I took a chance as we are just a little far north for figs.
I babied the young plants, covering them with burlap each winter to protect from harsh weather.
I had planted them in an area that was protected from strong winds.
It seems that my care has paid off.
My bushes are filled with ripe figs... the first ever!

I am going to try drying them.
(I'll get back to you on how that works.)

And last...
finally the guinea youngsters have decided to venture outside their house.
It took two days.

The first day they forgot how to go back inside.

After helping them out that first night,
 they remembered to return to their house the next night.
Last night, however, I found them all outside in the dark.

It's always a learning process!

Monday, September 18, 2017

And Suddenly It Was Sunday Night!

I just blinked.... and the whole weekend flew by in an instant!
At least that's how it seems!
It's Sunday night and just a little earlier I realized that I had not taken any photos
 for this blog post.
This explains why the following photos look like they were taken at night.
They were!

We had guests on Sunday for a picnic... and in preparation,
each of the horses were groomed.
Hooves picked, not a hair out of place....
and then everyone decided to roll in the dust and shavings...
making themselves look worse than before we started.

Such mischievous horses!

Saturday morning we took delivery on a load of hay.
Yes, it's time to prepare for winter, and stock the barn with hay.

We have one more load yet to come and we should be in fine shape for a 
cold snowy winter.
Apparently the Farmer's Almanac has predicted that we will have a blustery, snowy winter this year.
We'll be ready!

One of the bales of hay broke open, so we used it for feeding this weekend.

I didn't even get a chance to unload the hay...
before 5 horses descended upon the wheelbarrow.

A hay feeder might be nice, except for the fact that the boys have a way of
accidentally, on purpose, excluding poor Scarlet!

That's it, girl, push your way in there!
Make those boys move out of the way!

I ended up taking the hay from the wheelbarrow and spreading it around the dry lot.
That way everyone had the same opportunity.

Over the past few years, we have noticed that a lot of wineries, and microbreweries
have started to pop up in our neck of the woods.
I love supporting local "Mom and Pop" businesses.  

Saturday we took a drive and visited a few.
We had wanted to stop and visit a local distillery that opened this year.
Hazard Distillery.

They specialize in whiskey and moonshine.
The moonshine is sold in mason jars and comes in yummy flavors like pumpkin pie and apple pie.

I am not much of an alcohol consumer,
but once in a great while I like a wee nip.
This particular flavor... Salted Caramel Whiskey... just might be the best I have ever tasted!
One of our Sunday guests mentioned that he thought it might be good on pancakes!
HAH!  Now that's quite a way to start your day!

I must admit... a bottle just happened to follow me home.
Will I have it on pancakes?


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